Best ASIC Miners In 2018 – Top 5

Why an ASIC Miner?

CPU’s were first used to mine Bitcoins until it was discovered by developers that GPU was far more effective and profitable. The introduction of GPU saw more miners buying it. The price of these GPU’s skyrocketed overnight because more miners were buying all GPU’s they could get their hands on. This led to the development of Applications Specified Integrated Circuit (ASIC). Since then ASIC has become the only technology used to mine Bitcoins. ASIC miners have been used because they mine Bitcoins as fast as possible and they use less power. ASIC was created primarily to solve the problem of Bitcoins blockchain. These ASIC Miners are chosen because they are quicker and use less electricity compared to order miners like CPU, GPU and FPGA.


ASIC Miner Criteria

In this article, we will discuss the best ASIC Miners you can choose. We have picked out the best ASIC based on certain necessary criteria;

  • Hashrate: this is the computing unit of the processing power of the Bitcoin network. In this article, we will make a comprehensive list of miners with the highest number of hashes generated per minute.
  • Efficiency: this is important because mining requires a large amount of electricity. It is important to select a miner that converts lots of energy into Bitcoins.
  • The price: this is important because a cheap ASIC miner would hash fewer coins.

Impact of ASIC miners on the decentralized system

The use of ASIC miners has a great impact on the decentralized system of cryptocurrencies. Instead of all Bitcoin users to verify blocks on their own, mining is shifted to occur in one particular place. To explain better, expensive miners are the most efficient and not everyone can afford to purchase them. This reason is why most of the mining of Bitcoins is done in China, there are rich investors and also, the electricity is cheap. These investors buy hundreds if not thousands of miners and mine them together in a large house. The hashrate of these miners combined with electricity will mean large profit for these investors.


Best ASIC Miners in 2018

The following are the best ASIC miners you can get.


AntMiner S9

Bitmain Antminer S9 Bitcoin Miner, 0.098 J/GH Power Efficiency, 13.5TH/s
  • SHA256 Mining Hash Rate: 13.5TH/s ±5% (Mines Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash or any other SHA256-based Coin)
  • Power Consumption: 1323W ±10% (Power supply not included)
  • Built-in web management portal - No separate host computer or software required

This is the perfect ASIC. It is the fastest ASIC Miner. Experts have predicted that this miner would remain productive and effective for a long time. It has a hashrate of 14 TH/s. This ASIC miner draws 1350 Watts from the wall. This miner is very powerful, but it is unlikely that only one unit will mine a Bitcoin in a short time. A mining pool is advised.

It is a very expensive ASIC miner but it is worth every penny spent on it. Not only is it the fastest and most powerful ASIC miner it is also the most efficient.

These Antminers come in different batches. You can get the one with a hashrate of 11.83 TH/s instead of the 14 TH/s. This different batch is the reason why it is advised that you know the exact specification of the Antminer you want to buy.


  • It can generate 1 BTC token in 2 months
  • It has a power efficiency of 0.098 J/GH.
  • It has a hash rate of 14 TH/s.
  • It has a power consumption of 1350.
  • It is the most expensive.


AntMiner R4

Antminer R4 ~8TH/s @ 0.1 W/GH Silent Designed Bitcoin Miner
  • Hash Rate: 8TH/S±5%
  • Power Consumption: 800W + 9% at the wall (with APW5 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25℃ ambient temp)
  • Power Efficiency: 0.1 J/GH + 9% at the wall (with APW5 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25℃ ambient temp)

This is also a perfect ASIC and it is the second fastest miner with a hashrate of 8.6 TH/s. It is argued that the R4 ASIC miner is on the same level with S9 when it comes to efficiency. This miner can be used at home because it is not as noisy as the others.

This miner was designed specifically to ensure that it is used without stress. It is easy to set up and if you are a first-time miner it is advised that you start with this miner. It draws about 845 Watts from the wall.

Just like Antminer S9, it needs an additional Power Supply Unit (PSU) because it cannot be plugged into the wall.

This miner was specifically designed to allow investors mine at home.


  • It has a hashrate of 8.6 TH/s.
  • It consumes about 845W + 9% at the wall.
  • It has a power efficiency of 0.1 J/GH with an additional 9% from the wall.
  • It has an ambient temperature of 36° C.
  • It has a chip quantity per unit of 126 multiplied by an additional BM 1387
  • It has a default frequency of 600MHz
  • It has an operating temperature of 0° to 40°C


AntMiner S7

Antminer S7 ~4.73TH/s With 2 Fans @ .25W/GH 28nm ASIC Bitcoin Miner
  • Hash Rate: 4.73 TH/s ±5%
  • Power Consumption: 1293W ±10%
  • Power Efficiency: 0.25 W/GH ±10%

Since its release in 2015, it has proven to be one of the best ASIC miners. It is an efficient and performance packed ASIC miner. It has a hashrate of 4.73 TH/s. It draws about 1800 Watts from the wall. It is powered by a 28mm BM1385 technology.

A power supply unit is also recommended if you want to use this miner. The use of this power supply unit reduces over 7% of the electricity.

There are two versions of the Antminer S7 ASIC miner. It can be used at an ambient temperature of 40°C and 77°C respectively. Both versions are cooled by 12,038 fans. To get the best of this ASIC miner, it is advised that you keep in a cool and dry place.

Both versions of the S7 ASIC Antminer has DHCP capabilities. This means that as a miner it can automatically seek out IP addresses to use. To set up, only your mining pool credential is required of you. After you must have logged in your credentials, you have to connect to GUI Minerlink. Once it is powered up, it immediately starts hashing, this is helpful in the event that there is a power outage.


  • Hashrate of 4.86 TH/s
  • Consumes power of 210 W from the wall and 25% ambient temperature
  • It has a power efficiency of 0.25 J/GH
  • 12,038 cooling fans
  • It uses Ethernet as its network connection service provider.


Avalon 741

AvalonMiner 741 - 7.3 TH/s
  • Latest Generation Bitcoin Miner
  • Hashrate: 7.3 TH/s
  • Power Consumption: ≈ 1150W

It is one of the best ASIC Miners with a hashrate of 7.3 TH/s, and a power consumption of 1150 Watts with 90% power conversion ratio. Five Avalon miners can be connected for efficiency and speed. This can be done by connecting an Avalon miner to a controller which is sold differently. 4 controllers can be connected to AUC3 devices which can allow for five Avalon miners to be connected to each controller. This means that 20 Avalon miners can be connected to 4 controllers, if this is successful and done, their total hashrate will be about 120 TH/s.

Like the other miners mentioned above, this miner also can be plugged into a wall. An additional Power Supply Unit (PSU) is needed.


  • It has a hashrate of 7.3 TH/s
  • It makes use of controllers and each controller can connect 5 Avalon miners. Also, 4 controllers can be connected.
  • It consumes about 1150 Watts of power
  • Its operating temperature is -5°C to about 40°C.
  • It has AUC3 devices that ate used to connect various controllers.
  • It has a gross dimension of 320 × 136 × 150mm
  • It has a net weight of 4.3 kg and a gross weight of 4.7 kg.


AntMiner S5

This miner was released in 2014 and it was one of the fastest and most efficient ASIC Miners. This miner makes use of about 560-590 Watts. Just like the other ASIC miners listed, the S5 also needs a power unit supply. The power supply unit is very important for this miner as it is rated gold. It is important to note that an inefficient power supply unit will make a lot of noise.

There are two versions of this miner. There is one with 650 Watts and another with 750 Watts. Every 0.51 Watts consumed, the miner will produce 1 Gigahash. The real power consumption of this miner will differ based on the efficiency and ambient level of your power supply unit.

The ASIC Antminer S5 automatically searches for any available IP address at the time of set up. This miner will last longer if kept at a temperature below 60°C to 140°F.


  • It has a hashrate of 1.5 TH/s
  • It has a 120 mill meter (mm) fan
  • It weighs about 2.4kg
  • It makes use of a power supply unit
  • It has a power efficiency of 0.51 J/GH



We have made a list of the various and best ASIC Miners in 2018. It is best that before you decide to buy you should consider the price and if it is noisy.

However, the best way to make a profit as an individual miner is to join a mining pool. Mining pools are a network of people who work together to solve common problems. As an individual all you need is to verify a block with your hash, if the block is verified, the reward would be evenly distributed based on each individual’s contribution. This is a more efficient way for individuals to make a profit because this mining pool increases their odd of solving Bitcoins complicated algorithm.

There are different mining pools you can choose from. Some of them include:

  • Bitfury
  • BTC China
  • Antpool.

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